2008 September 15 FameFifteen.com  Rod? Posted by ffstaff in Randy Rods Limo

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As if he needs an introduction, Randy the Limo Guy is the quintessential local Celebrity.
We all love him, possibly because he dresses like this EVERY day,
possibly because he looks like the epitome of what our parents told us to stay away from all our lives or possibly
because heís reportedly the brother of superstar Kevin Spacey.
Which, seems to be the truth. Go figure.
Has anyone seen Randy not dressed to the 9ís? Has anyone seen Randy drinking anything other than a Starbucks
Venti Vanilla Latte?
The Auto-biography on this fascinating lad is coming out in the near future but in the mean time, you can catch
this suit turning heads every day at the Starbucks on Boise/Apple.
Itís one of our favorite past times, watching the old ladies do double takes as Randy strides by.
Boiseís Best Head-Turner Award definitely goes to this guy. Although Nate Shoemaker in a suit is possibly giving
him a run for his money. Either way, we love a man in lapels.